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With True Blood having met the sun, it's fair to say that a lot of fans are suffering from a withdraw. But more so, the show left behind not just the surviving characters, but also those that passed during the series. For this list, it's all about the deaths that occurred throughout the whole series:

10.) Russell Edgington

Russell Edgington was one who was supposed to stay dead after season 3, but returned with revenge. After losing his prodigy to an angry Eric, Russell tried to kill Sookie, but failed. Russell was killed in the episode "Save Yourself." R.I.P. and all but good riddance to this idiot.

9.) Lorena

Lorena, one of the earlier characters in season 2 is another one to hate. Sure she's a pretty 1860s gal, but she has skeletons in her closet that no man should touch. Like the immortal child scenario from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Lorena is stunning to the unsuspecting men. This not-so-friendly vampire is responsible for turning Bill, trying to kill Bill, taking her anger out on Sookie, and playing death game with Bill in season 3. The only vampire that sent her packing was Godric. Lorena was eventually killed by Sookie Stackhouse.

8.) Tommy Mickens

Tommy Mickens, brother to Sam Merlotte is featured in season 3 and has a very different upbringing. Tommy is protective of his parents and would do anything to protect them and help them make enough money to get by on. When initially meeting Sam, Tommy doesn't realize he has a brother until Sam turns up trying to find his biological parents. After a brief introduction, Sam is surprised that Tommy wasn't given up, but they get to spend some brother bonding time with their shifting gift.

Tommy's go-to shift is a dog, a fierce fighting Pit Bull. Tragically, Tommy was last seen in the "Burning Down The House" episode. Tommy fought for a good life, but it came to an untimely end.

7.) Luna

Those who have lost their parents know what it's like to be alone, but when it's you and your mom, every moment is a treasure. Luna was another shifter who was trying to do right by her friends and her daughter, Emma. She is introduced as a member of a group of shifters who committed a crime and needed help. Emma met Sam and things went slow at first.

Sam meets Emma, Luna's daughter. Hiding Emma from her biological father turns out to be not such a good idea for her. Made by the fact that Emma could be more like her mom or dad. Both are shifters, but her dad is a werewolf, while her mom is a regular shifter like Sam, able to freely shift into different forms.

Unlike how Sam changed as a young teenager, Emma is only 8 and turns into either a husky pup or a wolf pup. But this doesn't deter the fact that Emma was taken by Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin, Emma escapes, but Luna reaches her demise trying to save her daughter at the beginning of season 6.

6.) Adele Stackhouse

Adele Stackhouse was the grandmother to Jason and Sookie. Adele took Jason and Sookie in after Warlow killed Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse, the pair's parents. Adele is one of those grandparents who welcomes people with open, loving arms. She welcomed Bill, unlike many people in Bon Temps. Her life was cut tragically short when Rene (Drew Marshall), killed Adele for welcoming a vampire into her home during season 1.

5.) Terry Bellefleur

One death that I never saw coming was Terry Bellefleur, cousin to Andy Bellefleur. Terry was the sensitive guy, who before the show started, didn't talk to people much. Terry had some skeletons in his own closet, unfortunately. Terry had a haunted past of wartime and like most soldiers, suffered from extreme PTSD. He came into Arlene's life when the mess with Rene started to calm down. Terry shows a surprising nurturing side as he raises an armadillo he names Felix and after becoming a husband to Arlene, treats Colby, Lisa, and Mikey as his very own children. The fact that someone shot him from a distance is heart breaking and unjust.

4.) Tara

When you live in a world where everyone considers you a freak, you'd be lucky to have that friend who sticks by your side relentlessly through anything. Sookie had exactly that in her best friend Tara. Being abused and neglected as a child, Tara was always welcomed in the Stackhouse home, Tara often went to school in dirty clothes, prior to the start of the season, Tara had a hard life in her backstory. At the start of True Blood, she was working an average job that she hated. Quit in front of her boss, and ended up working for Sam at Merlotte's. From season 1 to the beginning of season 7, Tara went through a romantic tragedy, change of life; being turned into a vampire, and then going into vampire rehab. Tara met her true death at the start of season 7, leaving her mom to cope the hard, hard way.

3.) Alcide

Having survived from season 3 to season 7, Alcide was the wolf buddy to call on. Alcide appeared at Sookie's door with orders from Eric to protect Sookie in Mississippi. After the mess in Mississippi happens, Sookie called Alcide for help with tracking Eric down. Alcide had some issues to handle at home, one being helping his ex-girlfriend, Debbie. Helping Jackson, his father with the family business and with pack issues after becoming pack leader. He was a true friend to everyone. Alcide died after finding Sookie, who was trying to lure the HV vampires into a trap that would help to get information as to where Arlene, Nicole, and other Bon Temps members were being kept. Alcide passes away from being shot by members of the town.

2.) Bill Compton

Bill Compton, who survived until the final episode of True Blood, was the vampire that people routed for. Bill was a survivor of the Civil War and returned home after vampires started coming out of the closet. After meeting Sookie, Bill did Adele Stackhouse a favor by speaking to her club about the times of the Civil War. From season 1 to the final episode of the show, Bill went through many wild ups and downs. He was in a relationship with Sookie Stackhouse, had a prodigy, and had gone M.I.A. a few times even. Bill inexplicably became infected with HV. Refusing to take Sarah Newlin's blood, Bill saw the world for what it was and decided to meet the "not so true death." Bill will always be remembered as the Southern gentlemen who went bad, then went back. Bill's death was by both his and Sookie's hands.

1.) Godric

Godric makes the number one for many reasons. Being a sheriff of Area-5, a maker, and over a century old, Godric saw all of the ups and downs in life and was even considered a slave boy at one point. After being turned into a vampire, Godric went completely rogue, until he met a "dying" Eric. Godric asked a simple question: "Will you walk the earth with me? I will be your father, brother, and son."

Godric was a guest in season 2 for a couple of episodes. One of the only vampires to play things cool, Godric appeared and helped Sookie in a time when she needed it the upmost. With a thank you from Jason for rescuing and a apology for what the "Fellowship of the Sun," did to Godric, Jason was allowed to go. After a terrorist attack at a home, Godric evacuated everyone to the Hotel Miller. Godric faced the wraith of Nan Flanagan, who fires Godric from being Sheriff. Godric suggests that Isabel, should take over. Godric heads to the roof, has a conversation with Eric. Speaks with Sookie, then meets the sun. Godric ultimately met his true death, but he went out with a surprising style.

These top 10 deaths may not make everyone's list, but it makes my list.


Which was your favourite death?


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