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Yahoo has decided not to pick Enlisted up for a second season after all.

In May, Fox cancelled the series, a semi-autobiographical comedy from Kevin Biegel, after only one season and aired the remaining four episodes in the summer.

Negotiations between 20th Century Fox Television and Yahoo Screen fell through when a budget for the second season could not be agreed upon.

Hopes were high after Yahoo Screen picked up NBC's Community, after it was cancelled due to not-so-great ratings.

The news comes after Yahoo Screen revived NBC's canceled cult hit but ratings under-performer [Community](series:714858) for a sixth season.

Biegel, in a heartfelt letter to friends promoting the shows last episodes, wrote that they were the "best four episodes we did," and noted that even the slightest bump could help the series live on.

"I love the show and believe in this show too much to give up, if we can get even a slightly decent rating we can show a new home that this show has a real fan base."

Foreign Policy magazine had dubbed the series the "best show on television [that] no one is watching." and the show often concludes with an end card paying tribute to a member of the military, with many reaching out to Biegel to share their personal stories of PTSD and more.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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