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Jess O'Kane

Although it may be years before we see a Voltron movie - since the project's still embroiled in a bidding war - we can at least be satisfied to make like 8 year-olds and invest in this seriously awesome die-cast Voltron figurine.

Voltron: Defender of The Universe debuted in 1984, originally only running until the following year. Thankfully, the spin-offs have lived on, most recently with 2011's Voltron Force.

To celebrate the iconic series' 30th anniversary, an official collector's set is hitting shelves, featuring the following:

  • A set of five lions which combine to form an 11″ tall, die-cast metal Voltron with light-up eyes.
  • A display base holding Blazing Sword, Spinning Laser Blades, and all 5 Lion-specific Weapons
  • A Black Lion key

The lions also roar, which is pretty awesome.

For a cool $224.99, all this can be yours. (Yeah, this is where adults come to the party and toddlers piss off.)

Huehuehue, feel my agedness.

(Source: Giant Freakin Robot)


Will you be purchasing one of these?


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