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Although the success of Guardians of the Galaxy has given the cinema-going public the confidence to go out and separate with their hard-earned cash, it seems it's also been a major confidence boost for the Disney stockholders.

According to, the Disney share price is currently at an all time high, primarily due to its acquisition of Marvel in 2009 and its more recent gobbling up of the Star Wars franchise in 2012.

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is still dominating the box office and has now officially become the best-selling movie of the summer in terms of domestic growth. This fact, combined with the similar success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and 2013's Iron Man 3, means Disney are currently bathing in swathes of cash resulting from their much vaunted Marvel 'Phase system'. As a result Disney shares are now $90.4 each, which is a 19% increase from the start of the year.

Throw in the fact Disney are returning to a galaxy far, far away (with all the movies, games and merchandise that entails) it's probably never been a better time to be a Disney shareholder.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to get a piece of this pie, the boat might have already sailed. Disney's shares might still increase, but the industry experts claim June was the best time to invest the media giant. Since then share price has risen 10%. Future rises are expected, but they might not be as marked - at least until the Star Wars revenue streams come online.

Of course, I suppose this is good news if you're a fan of Disney's movie franchises, as there is almost zero risk of Disney going bankrupt any time soon. However, by that same logic, this could could potentially spell future ruin. The more money Disney makes, the more franchises and rights it will want to gobble up. Soon, we might face ourselves with a cinematic landscape in which many of the major franchises are owned by one company. And that's called a monopoly - which isn't good as far as I'm concerned.


Does Disney have these franchises best interests at heart?

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