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Jess O'Kane

Originally released in its native Europe all the way back in 2007, Spanish-French production Nocturna has found a U.S distributor and is coming your way in November.

Nocturna tells the story of an orphaned boy named Tim, whose fear of the dark is only kept at bay by looking at the stars. One night he notices that his favourite star has disappeared- and it won't be the first.

After enlisting the help of the a massive dude calling himself the Cat Shepherd, Tim battles to save the stars from going out altogether.

Although this sounds like the beginning of a true crime book, what follows is actually a pretty cute tale. The Tim Burton-esque storyline is matched by slightly dark, weird animation where oversized heads and chilled out cats are the norm. Because y'know...cats.

Nocturna goes on general release on November 11. Watch the trailer below:


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