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Well now this should settle the casting rumours!

Move over, Nick Cannon. Stand-up comedian Mike Epps has secured the role of Richard Pryor in a Lee Daniels-directed biopic about the late comedian.

Oprah Winfrey (who is either producing, has a role, or is just really good at photobombing) announced the news on her Instagram page when she posted a photo of herself, Epps and Daniels, saying, "Just finished a great 1st read session. ." Check this out:

Daniels then confirmed the casting news on his own Twitter account:

Sorry, Nick Cannon...

This could be a major role for Epps. If Lee Daniels is directing this you'd better believe it's going to be gritty and raw. It's Richard Pryor we're dealing with - nothing about that man's life was fluff. And with The Weinstein Company involved, you can bet this movie will have an award season release. Excited?


Do you think Mike Epps is the right man for the job?

(Source: LatinoReview)


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