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How to Get Away with Murder may be one of the most anticipated shows to air this fall on ABC. Shonda Rhimes, creator of popular shows like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal, serves as the executive producer on this new legal drama, and I hope that her involvement leads to this upcoming show's success.

What may also lie in its success may be its diverse set of characters. Enter Connor Walsh, an openly gay and quite confident law student in Professor Annalise Keating's (Viola Davis) class. Walsh, played by Jack Falahee, is described as "simultaneously brilliant, arrogant, manipulative, sexually predatory, and totally irresistible" making way for a well-rounded character that fans may all love to hate.

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh
Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh

Walsh may also be the center of attention for his role in the pilot episode. According to Out, fans may have to prepare for "one of the hottest gay sex scenes to air on network television". I don't know about you, but I'm curious to see how this will all pan out. September couldn't come any sooner.

How to Get Away With Murder premieres September 25 on ABC after Scandal.



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