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Good day to you people of the internet. Today I would like to talk about something that's been on my mind for a few months now, and that's the topic of Miles Morales and whether he has a place in the future of live-action Spider-Man.

So now I'm going to be talking about the following subjects:

  • The Current Status of the Spider-Man Film Universe
  • Why Have Miles Morales?
  • The Pros and Cons of Having Morales in the Spider-Man Film Universe

The Current Status of the Spider-Man Film Universe

Things haven't been easy for Spidey recently.
Things haven't been easy for Spidey recently.

It is no secret that the state of the current Spider-Man film series is well than stellar, now I'm not going to start some hate war towards The Amazing Spider-Man films because that's already been done enough this year, that being said, after the release of [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) back in May, this series has taken a hit financially and critically, especially among fans. Now we have Spider-Man, the once great superhero, who is now several leagues below other heroes like the X-Men, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America or Superman, well at least when it comes to films anyway (sure some of that can be debated, but at this point it's pretty much true). Sure Spider-Man 3 was a mess, but we at least had Spider-Man 1 & 2 and even the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man was different enough to be considered decent.

At this point because of the mixed reception and smaller financial success of Amazing Spider-Man 2, the sequel has been pushed back to 2018, a villain film has been pushed forward to 2016 and a whole load of rumours about the future of the Spider-Man film universe have come out of the woodwork. While there hasn't been any official news as of recent, it does seem like people over at Sony Pictures have pretty much gone off the deep end and don't know what to do with Spidey and are just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks without really thinking about how to craft a simple, effective and cohesive Spider-Man film.

Why Have Miles Morales?

So now you may ask, why introduce Miles Morales? Well I just think it is time for a change up. Now before the fanboys attack me, allow me to explain myself. When The Amazing Spider-Man came out in 2012, I was surprised to hear how many people were not interested in the Peter Parker origin story and how many people were familiar with it already who weren't comic book fans. It was like the origins of Spider-Man was public knowledge, but to be honest after all these years it probably is. In addition to that it was in that same year where some people starting voicing their opinion about getting sick of the same codes and conventions of that comes with superhero films, especially with Spider-Man.

With all that being said, maybe having Morales on the big screen will change things up a bit. For me, I just like the idea of there being a new, different take on Spider-Man being in the world of live-action. Not that I'll ever be tired of seeing Peter Parker, I love the guy to death, however, I would like to see at least one attempt of this character in live-action. Also I'm no saying replace Parker, but possibly introduce Morales as a partner or short-term ally and if Parker does get killed off like he did in the Ultimate comics, Morales could be his replacement. We live in a world now everything is in a state of shift, people want new things and new experiences, and when it comes to superhero films, some people want less conventional superhero films that rely on nostalgia and source material and they want studios and filmmakers to take chances and this would be a pretty good gamble. The character has been part of the Ultimate comics for three years and has also made an appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors cartoon, so it isn't as if this character appeared from thin air, he has existed for quite some time now. Plus, comics have been known to change their title characters every once in a while, so it should not be taboo for it to take place in live-action too.

The Pros and Cons of Having Morales in the Spider-Man Film Universe

Now I am going to list the pros and cons of having Morales in live-action films.


  • Having a new person, especially someone who is black as the face of Spider-Man will definitely turn some heads and get some major mainstream attention
  • Miles Morales, as a boy of a Black Hispanic background, could open up more possibilities for more ethnically diverse superheroes and actors/actresses to play them
  • The character has a host of stories from the Ultimate comics that's bound to be different from the Peter Parker adventures
  • It could lead to an interesting team up between Parker's Spidey and Morales' Spidey
  • If handled correctly, Morales could lead the way to other Spidey characters like Ben Reilly or if things get super crazy maybe Miguel O'Hara


  • Casting a black Spider-Man will cause an uproar among Peter Parker purists
  • I could see another "Michael B. Jordan Being The Human Torch" scenario in the making and that would just destroy the internet considering how much bigger Spider-Man is as a superhero
  • Some would argue that Miles Morales doesn't have the same kind of draw as Peter Parker which could lead to smaller audiences and less financial gain
  • If not handled correctly by the filmmakers, Morales could be ruined and not only destroy any other chances of him making an appearance on the big screen again, but also ruin the chances for other non-related Peter Parker heroes

So yeah that's my two cents on the matter, now I pass things onto you. Do you believe that Morales has a place in live-action or not? Please leave your comments below.


Would you like to see Mile Morales in a future Spider-Man film?


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