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Michigan local Tim Malin has been sharing photos from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a little while now, and today found us with a follow-up to our previous look at the Gotham City Jail. Following shots of police cars and Gotham city taxis, Malin reported that he had narrowly missed "Superman" entering the Jailhouse.

Uhm... YES?!

And now, with photos of Henry Cavill's double in full Clark Kent gear (and allegedly on his way into the Gotham City Jail), we've been given a little clue at what might be going on during the movie.

Hello, Not-Henry!
Hello, Not-Henry!

We now know that Clark will be paying a visit to probably the most tame place to store criminals in Gotham city!

Yeah. Way more tame than this.
Yeah. Way more tame than this.

The reasoning behind this visit is anyone's guess: Superman could be visiting the jail for details on Batman's whereabouts, or even better, come face to face with one of the film's baddies. We'll see soon enough! Scroll down for more photos from set today.

Everything is up to speculation regarding the multiple scenes being shot throughout Detroit, but what's for certain is that we'll be seeing Superman and Batman traveling a lot in this film. Stay tuned for more details and updates.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 26th, 2016.


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