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The Marvel Universe explained.

It all starts with the Cosmic Entities. They create the infinity stones by basically concentrating the 6 sources of the universe into powerful and limitless stones. These stones each have a unique power that they can manipulate. (In the first version of the creation of the MU the power of these stones or gems is derived from a great being who shattered himself to create the universe because he was lonely.)

Time Source: Total control over all aspects of time including time travel, stopping time, slowing down or speed up flow of time and to accelerate or slow down aging.

Space Source: Limitless manipulation of space, allowing for teleportation, dimensional manipulation, creation of wormholes, etc.

Soul Source: Limitless manipulation of souls both alive and dead also has shown to be able to evolve or devolve a beings physical self as well as their mental capacities.

Reality Source: Locally or universally alters the natural laws of the universe to the wielders will.

Power Source: Controls all of the power in the universe. It can be used to augment or inhibit any force.

Mind Source: Taps the user into the universal consciousness, allowing for unlimited manipulation of psionic powers including telepathy and telekinesis.

After looking at what each one of these sources govern we can easily see how the abilities of the denizens of this universe work.

Here’s some examples of what I mean.

Time- Quicksilver (speed), Wolverine (healing factor)
Quicksilver can be explained as being able to effect the Time source. Speeding up his personal time filed to move faster and even travel through time.
Healing factors are also derived in my opinion from the time source. Speeding up cells to cause rapid regeneration.

Space- Nightcrawler (teleportation), Cyclops (portals), Kitty Pride (time travel, phasing)
Nightcrawler and others that can use teleportation derive their power from the Space source. Also some of the other powers like Kitty Pride’s ability to phase and send ones consciousness in time, or Cyclops’ eyes dimensional gateways.

Soul– Mephesto (gathering souls)
The Soul source is one I am still working on but it explains away the secret behind Mephesto and some of the other soul absorbing characters. Perhaps this is what is behind Vampires in the Marvel Universe.

Reality- Morph (shapeshifting), Storm (elemental manipulation)
The Reality source is the power behind such characters such as Morph, being able to shapeshift manipulating his reality and others. Storm is another example of the reality power, manipulating the weather altering reality to cause weather to appear out of thin air.

I also believe that it is the power behind such characters as Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Steve Rodgers or even Tony Stark. My theory is that these character have the dormant ability to effect reality and bend it to their augmentations. For instance with Bruce Banner, Peter Parker or Steve Rodgers it is hard to replicate what happened with them. Driven by their need to warp reality they use their reality source to make their augmentations not only happen but also be better and grow stronger as they evolve. This shows that Miracles can be subtle.

Power- Galactus (and he imbues his heralds with this power) Power Cosmic.
The Power source is probably the most dominate and by its name possibly the source that activates the powers in someone. I believe it is the source behind the power cosmic or is the power cosmic. Fantastic Four were radiated with cosmic power that caused random effects on all of them to manifest.

Mind- Xavier (telepathy), Jean Grey (telekinesis)
This is a fairly straight forward power and another of the widest spread. *Tony Stark and others like Mr. Fantastic probably have a strong affinity to this power (yes I know he has no telepathy but his intelligence and ability to create whatever he puts his mind to I believe sets him primarily here)

Many beings in the universe show multiple connections to sources. Perhaps they work like Chakras. In any case you can connect all the powers of the Marvel universe to the infinity sources. This comes in handy when trying to understand and explain the "Miracles" or Mutants.

Continue reading for some major geeking out. (as if I hadn't already)

What would happened to these characters if you tried to add more augmentations to them? Deadpool. An insane and shattered being who has been augmented to the extreme. So much power augmented in one person shows us what happens to one’s mind if it is overloaded. Reality warped beyond what his mind could take breaking him in ways we couldn’t believe or understand.

What about cosmic rays? Well cosmic rays are just basically a shock wave made up by all the power rays (time, space, soul, reality, power and mind) from the creation of the infinity stones. Waves of the power of all the stones flowing through the universe and multiverse. During the flight of the Fantastic Four they get hit by this wave but so does the earth again. As man’s evolution grows and expands so does our ability to gather and harness these powers. Mutants or miracles have been developing over time on our planet due to this shock wave bouncing around the multiverse for eons and has been slowly depleted over time making this source of power in the universe stretched.

Marvel loves to play with the mixing concepts of creationism and evolution. In a lot of cases the evolution of species throughout the Marvel Universe pulls them into the greater Marvel Universe. It can all link up. Not to mention the whole Connection with Fantastic Four and the awaking of Sentry showing our advanced evolution sparking interest from the rest of the universe in human evolution. The genetic manipulation in Spiderman describes the same sort of mentality for experimentation as did the creator of Rocket on the other side of the galaxy. The evolution of the humans spurred on by the positive powers of the infinity gems and our sense for right and wrong and justice and doing the right thing creates these superheroic beings that are just a step up from modern man but reflects the true power and good that lies in all of mankind and shows what we will do and go through for the good and just. Maybe a reflection of who we can truly become and evolve into.

Just a little rant:

How can I see this being useful at all? Besides easily explaining away powers and giving us an idea of their cause and effect? We can then possibly see a subtle line of connections between production companies. How? It’s simple because inevitably Fox, Sony and Marvel will have to interact. To make it connected, and yet each one able to hold onto their properties as long as they can, you can set up the universe together and collaboratively. So Spiderman isn’t with the Avengers but with a uniting lore behind them the future could hold such a beautiful place for us fans.

The fact that these other companies that own the rights to a lot of pivotal characters in the Marvel Universe is not missed on me. How can they truly build up the universe without such people like the Fantastic Four or Spiderman? The Fantastic Four are one of the biggest reasons mankind is in the greater Marvel Universe. Sure they can change these things to allow for other characters to do what the FF did but why?

Not only with an underlying lore to hold these characters together while under separate management but with little drops here and there spread out through X-men, Spiderman and FF you could connect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For example: in one of the new movies by Fox or Sony they could have a shot of a TV program like Good Morning America and they are posing the question of if New York is safe anymore, what with all the mutagens being released and attacks from supervillains and aliens. Or a newspaper clipping in Spiderman talking about the X-men. Maybe mentioning events offhandedly that you could easily recall from other Marvel movies. Subtle little things like this would not only boost the MCU but also prove to be lucrative for these separate companies because now they are getting advertisement through other movies and make people go "Oh so Spiderman is connected to this universe?! Well I have to go and watch that now." They have done similar things in comics for generations. This should prove to be a very interesting concept to creators and fans alike. My question for these feuding companies is this, why box yourself in and keep your movies completely separate when with simple small connections like these you could go on to make massive amounts of money through so many different ways? Do these little things and you could have a stake in a larger and more universal film that would unite all the characters we love in a struggle so intense that it shatters all box office records. Who wouldn’t want to be in on that?

Also as a fan I can see the ultimate Stan Lee cameo as the One Above All. The power behind the truth of Heroes.

Question to fans, if they could find a way to bring the MCU together would it open the possibility of a Marvel vs DC movie series worth seeing?


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