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On the heels of Rocket Raccoon's alternate design being revealed on facebook, Marvel concept artist Andy Park revealed the following design on his twitter page. The image below shows a Gamora we could have seen on the big screen; a Gamora without her trademark green skin.

Park's design for Gamora
Park's design for Gamora

Park tweeted:

Here's an early design I did for @Guardians Before she had to be green

So apparently, the decision that Gamora HAD to be green came later in the design stage. This version of Gamora has purple skin and tear-like designs on her face. In some ways, the blue/purple color scheme makes her look more like her step sister, Nebula than the final version.

Either way, this tweet gives fans another chance to see what could have been. So what do you think? Which design do you prefer? Why?


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