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Flint Johnson

Last night I watched the series finale of one of Joss Whedon's abortive follow-ups to Buffy and Angel. The series had started off with a great gimmick - technology that gives people different personalities and skills that are imprinted on their minds and then erased for each assignment. Between jobs and while these people are in a childlike state they live in a sanctuary.

Whedon provided some excellent plot twists. Rarely do I find myself at all surprised by so-called "reveals", but the series had me wondering what was next most of the time. Better yet, the twists were done so well I could never go back to any misdirection and claim an inconsistency in the writing. I loved it, loved the series, and wish it was still going.

But it didn't. The themes were often a little too intellectual for any but the Whedon faithful and unfortunately that particular cult didn't number enough to warrant a continuation of the series, which in all only numbered 27 episodes.

And so I was left with a rushed conclusion that took place ten years into the future. As I watched it, I researched the series' history. I read that the series was in trouble from the start but that it was actually cancelled only two months before the last episode aired. That was obviously enough time to produce make a couple episodes that led to an ending, but in no way was it enough to make that ending very satisfying. Now I know that there were comics written about the missing years between 2010 and 2020 and several viral pieces but I find myself irritated with the t.v. station for shutting down such a culturally important show. I personally had a few questions for the genius behind it. The conclusion would have been much more satisfying with them answered.

-How does Alpha go from being the bane of everyone's existence to one of the central characters in the resistance? How does Echo manage to care for him at all? What makes him so sensitive that he gives Echo such a beautiful parting gift?

-I realize you like your female heroes to be strong on their own, but why did Echo have to lose Paul? She had proven she was strong, the strongest human on the planet. Would it have been so wrong to allow her to have strength and a little happiness?

-DeWitt made the apocalyptic technology available by handing over a finished product to the bad guys. Why didn't she go up and set off the explosion that set things right? Toffer created it, out of pure curiosity of what the bad guys were doing. And having done that, his personality development suggests his next step would have been to counteract the technology. He was not to blame.

-The techie rebellion just before Toffer set off the explosion was kinda under-setup, yah?

-Why the masses of people trying to kill everyone? The technology effected some people with insanity? Chaos lovers? Was it a reaction to Rossum people abducting them?

-The personality of the little girl who played Caroline, where did she get her first personality and what was it?

-Please tell me that in your universe they had cloning vats and there was one with Paul in it.


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