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So season 5 of Pretty Little Liars did a mid season finale which I know some people haven’t seen so I won’t tell you who was murdered, I wish they didn’t call it a finale because I was so confused, I kept thinking that this season only had like 11 episodes, it’s not like them to have so little episodes for this show. I will say this though, I believe since this show has a tendency of bringing people or rather a person back to life (Allison) I do believe the person murdered will some how come back to life because it would be great!

I love this show and this particular season is good but of course the mid season finale left everyone with you guessed it, more effing questions, just like every other damn season, you are left scratching your head and shaking your fists in mid air like, “what the heck”?

I mean I get it but seriously, lets get some answers like who the heck is A? Just when you think you know, you don’t and you are just left more confused than ever. My theory from the beginning is that A is Allison which with season 5 it really is looking that way but than it could be Mona or Toby or Jenna, you just don’t know. Even one of the many absent parents like Spencer’s dad could be A, we are just wondering who it is. I am sure the last ever episode will reveal everything, all our questions will be answered. Also what is up with this Bethany chick? Is she some how related to Allison, I guess we have to wait, sigh.

I personally want the show to never end but that obviously isn’t going to happen, my favorite shows end but The Simpsons is still on the air? Yeah how does that even happen? Is it still funny? Me thinks not but that’s just my opinion, don’t kill me.

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