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CW has released a little more footage in a new promo for the first episode of upcoming series [The Flash](movie:15273). We have already seen a trailer, and if you were fast enough (geddit?) you may have caught the pilot when it was leaked a couple months back. Now, check out this latest teaser for the fall show.

The opening scenes seem to just be more of what we have already seen, even if you missed the leaked pilot. Barry wakes up to Iris (oooh, Felicity will be so mad about that one!), then Harrison Wells rolls on in and tells him that they are going to discover what is going on with his body since the accident.

So far, so flash. However, there are two really exciting bits about this promo:

1. Weather Wizard!

We get to see the first villain that our young hero will be facing, as it is revealed that Wells is looking for other "meta-humans" after the StarLabs accident. (Can we also take a moment to enjoy the phrase meta-human, rather than super-human? I love it!) The clip then cuts to a great shot of a scary-looking dude in a whirlwind, facing off with Barry as he voices over that he "already met one, who could control the weather". No prizes for knowing which of the Rogues that is! Weather Wizard is here, and that is going to be awesome. I'm also really pleased that they went straight for one of the bigger guns, and didn't waste time making up minor baddies or even not including one for the first couple episodes.

2. Arrow

It's no secret that these two series will cross throughout the season (Barry Allen has already featured heavily in Arrow, and the StarLabs accident has been talked about at length), but again, they aren't waiting to warm audiences up first. Oliver Queen appears right there in the first episode, talking to Barry about how to cope with his new-found power. It's kind of an interesting dynamic, given that Queen himself doesn't actually have any power other than a ridiculous amount of training and technology. What he does have is the experience being a superhero, and a definite age advantage over Barry, which means that we will hopefully see a little mentoring, and a little tension, too.

We also get a little shot of how Barry gets his suit, which I personally always love to see. Otherwise, how would a struggling scientist suddenly have this amazing outfit? Maybe it's the cosplayer in me, but having spent days putting something together just to feel like tossing the finished product out the window, I hate seeing someone just miraculously find a perfect super-suit in the back of the closet. It's clear that StarLabs is providing Barry with a kick-ass flash suit, and I just can't wait to see him zooming around in it.

All of which is a heckuva lot to pack into sixty seconds! Just think, if they can manage this much with just a teaser, just how much can they cram into an entire season? I cannot wait to find out!


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