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Series eight is under way and other than a few mixed feelings about the first episode, I think most Whovians are ready for episode two. Deep Breath opened up what could possibly be the series' story arc in the form of Missy. Missy is only seen nearing the end of the episode and we find out she is a little ... different. She claims to be the Doctor's girlfriend, that's what she told the half face man, and apparently she likes his accent. She could be a future character in the series or she could just be a clingy woman with a fantasy, both are possible.

As for the new face of the Doctor, he's gone Scottish and seems to be still getting to grips of his new body.

'I am Scottish, I can complain about things; I can really complain about things now' - The Doctor, Ep1 S08

So yes ... he is Scottish. His accent may be relatively obvious but he still has the quirk of the doctor about him. He seems to be quite the simplistic Doctor we're not used to seeing, at least dress wise. No fancy bowties or florescent cravats just a plain white shirt, black vest and matching coat and trousers. Possibly one of the simplest Doctor who outfits, but it definitely fits.

Peter Capaldi in full costume
Peter Capaldi in full costume

Clara on the other hand has become somewhat more of a confused and unsure young woman. At first she didn't believe it to be the Doctor but later Madam Vastra explained regeneration and she slowly came to conclusions. Further more the Doctor did some things that seriously made her question his identity which didn't exactly help. At the end of the episode after a rather heart stopping conversation with the 11th Doctor on Trenzalore she realises that she was what he relied on for guidance.

Deep Breath promo image
Deep Breath promo image

Vastra, Jenny and Starx all returned to do what they do best; comedy relief. Despite the rare witty one liner and unintended jokes by Strax the three were quite good supporting characters in this story. The relationship between Jenny and Vastra was also shown in more depth and Strax's dedication to his friends was absolute. In a climactic scene the group are surrounded by zombie like thralls of the half face man and in an attempt to preserve their lives held their breath so the thralls couldn't attack them. A small short camera shot is shown of Strax raising his rifle to his head in a suicide attempt. This is supposedly because he couldn't hold his breath any longer and wouldn't betray his friends. However Vastra quickly pulls the gun away and they are revealed. However they are saved by the Doctor killing the half face man, who is skewered by short spire atop Big Ben causing his thralls to die.

The most emotional portion of the episode must be the final 15 minutes, between the call from Trenzalore and the new Doctors emotions exploring along with the reveal of Missy. All eyes are on the next episode, into the Dalek, from trailers and sneaky previews it certainly looks like a classic episode of Doctor who and no more rainbow daleks.


But what did you think of Deep Breath?


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