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I'll be totally honest, when we were first introduced to Roy Harper in Arrow, I found him a little annoying. He lied, he had almost no subtlety and seemed on the verge of cliche. However, as the seasons progressed, I found myself liking him more and more, and now he is one of the characters that I am most interested in seeing in the upcoming season 3.

I cannot wait to see what happens when Thea returns, possibly after doing some training of her own (and you know she is going to return in some form or other). I'm so excited to watch how his relationship with Oliver changes - Stephen Amell has already talked about how it's development will be a major part of season three. Finally, I am thrilled that he is really taking on the side-kick role as Arsenal. The first shots of the costume (released last month) looked fantastic.

I saw some comments about the lacing being a little too much, or the red being too dark, but I absolutely loved it. I appreciate the way that the costume designers are going for a much darker look (just in terms of hue) because it is just more practical for the characters to be wearing something that makes it easier to hide in the shadows.

Now, we have our first look at the costume in action, rather than in a photoshoot.

The lovely Emily Bett (Felicity Smoak) snapped this shot of Colton Haynes relaxing between scenes in his full Arsenal gear.

The thing that really stands out to me is that the lacing, which looked so prominent in that carefully lit promo shot, is much less obvious in more natural lighting. It actually simply gives a little more depth and texture to the red leather jacket, and in practical terms, probably gives a little better movement, too.

It may just be a quick Instagram snap, but the more I see of this new Roy, the more I like it. It's great to see him in a real costume, not just a hooded sweater (although I really loved that as a nod when he was pre-mirakuru).

What do you think of the new gear?


How do you feel about the look of Arsenal?


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