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Reid Jones

There's no backing out now! The production schedule for Ant-Man is in full swing and news is pouring out left and right. Evangeline Lily & Paul Rudd have been spotted on set along with some very interesting images that have surfaced alongside their appearances.

This car sports the same colors as the [Ant-Man](movie:9048) suit that we've previously seen: Could this be an "Antmobile" of some sort? Every hero needs to ride in style, whether it be a rainbow bridge or a flying battleship.

Evangeline Lily's new hairstyle may strike resemblance with Janet van Dyne, but could this instead be an allusion to her potential to be the Red Queen?

Peyton Reed seems so nice. The man has been getting quite the reputation since he's got big shoes to fill. Its either extremely admirable, completely crazy, or a bit of both to do what Reed has done, and its easier to respect his decision when you realize he's putting his entire reputation on the line.


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