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Remember Underworld? Of course you do. It featured Kate Beckinsale looking like this:

And totally owning balconies like this:

Because gigantic coats are for winners.

Well, it's good news for all the Underworld lovers out there (me included). Hollywood Reporter has heard confirmed details for a major reboot of the franchise, with Priest writer Cory Goodman signed on for the screenplay.

No word on who'll direct yet, but since the term "reboot" carries many connotations, it may be that there's no involvement from Len Wiseman, who directed the first four films, culminating with Underworld: Awakening in 2012.

The big question, of course, is whether Kate Beckinsale will be involved, and if not, then who will step up to the sexy vampire role.

Here's 4 choices that could make the reboot work:

1) Kate Mara

Why: She's hot, and is used to making herself heard in Shooter and House of Cards

Why not: She looks angelic, which is legitimately a problem in this sort of movie.

2) Jennifer Lawrence

Why: She's versatile, edgy, and would sink her teeth into people with aplomb.

Why not: She's too busy winning awards

3) Anna Paquin

Why: True Blood's finished, and she's obviously experienced in handling some freaky people.

Why not: That accent

4) Meryl Streep

Why: As Cam in Modern Family once said - "Meryl Streep could play Batman, and still be the right choice." Just imagine how glorious she'd be, dispatching of Lycans left and right.

And she'd STILL win the Oscar.

And that ladies and gents, is how it's done.

[Underworld Reboot](movie:393195) - what do you say?


Who'd be your choice?

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