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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Ten years ago, Saw hit cinemas and horror was never the same again.

To celebrate 10 years of Saw sickness this Halloween, cinemas are gonna screen the original Saw movie again. YESSS!!

You'd give your right foot to see SAW at the cinema
You'd give your right foot to see SAW at the cinema

I have to say, I LOVE this movie. I managed to sneak in to see it on the big screen at 16 and my mind was genuinely blown. Sure, I'd seen horror movies before, but Saw was different.

He's a cute li'l fella, really...
He's a cute li'l fella, really...

The first movie is the perfect horror thriller, and despite the 'torture porn' that influenced later franchises like Hostel, Saw I is much more a tight, dark chiller like Seven.

In honor of 10 years of Saw mayhem, here are my Top 5 Saw traps. Feel free to violently, murderously disagree...

5. The Knife Chair

Movie: Saw IV

The Set-Up: Strapped to a chair with knives attached, you must either bleed out slowly, or push your face into eight razor sharp knives to escape.

Why It's Awesome: 'Just lean forward into the knives, with your face' has to be one of the best movie quotes ever!


4. The Angel Trap

Movie: Saw III

The Set-Up: Your ribs are attached to a mechanism that will tear them from your body. The key is in a glass of flesh-burning acid.

Why It's Awesome: It just looks incredibly painful and dramatic. Also, the killer totally cheats and gives you a dud key, so you're royally screwed. Sorry.


3. Numbers and Napalm

Movie: Saw

The Set-Up: You're naked and covered in napalm and your only light source is a naked flame. The floor is covered in broken glass. There's slow-acting poison in your body, but the antidote is locked in a safe, the combination hidden in hundreds of numbers on the walls.

Why It's Awesome: There are so many ways to die! Burn to death? Get slowly poisoned? Cut an artery and bleed out? It's a 3-in-1 trap...


2. The Pound of Flesh

Movie: Saw VI

The Set-Up: You and another person wake up with bolts set to drill into your brain from a headset. Whichever of you adds the greatest weight of flesh chopped from your own body, survives.

Why It's Awesome: There's comedy in the absurd brutality of the Shakespearean 'pound of flesh'..


1. The Reverse Bear Trap

Movie: Saw

The Set-Up: You wake up with a reverse bear trap strapped to your face, ready to rip your head apart. The key is in the stomach of man who lies still on the floor. You have one minute.

Why It's A Top Trap: It's the original and best, extremely brutal and deadly fast.


Which horrifyingly brutal Saw trap is your favorite? Please tell me in the comments below!


Which brutal Saw trap is your favorite?


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