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The Richard Pryor biopic has been on the cards since the legendary comedian's death in 2005. Now, Oscar winner Lee Daniels is set to direct, and he's been pretty particular about who will play the X-rated comic.

Enter the face of quality, Nick Cannon:

Mariah Carey's ex was apparently desperate to play the role, going so far as to post pictures of himself in Pryor-esque garb on Instagram.

In an interview with TMZ, Cannon said

I'm doing the work right now. I'm doing everything I can to embody him.


Sorry Nick, Lee Daniels has just announced the casting of comedian Mike Epps, who'll star opposite Oprah Winfrey as Pryor's grandmother. The happy trio posed together on Instagram:

Bummer. Guess Nick'll just have to go back to writing terrible music and being embroiled in a custody battle.

Details on the project are sparse, but the as-yet unnamed biopic is scheduled for sometime next year.

(Source: TMZ)


Is Epps the right choice for Richard Pryor?


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