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After Beyoncé and Jay-Z's very public display of affection (with added cute child 'aw factor') at the MTV VMA Awards, more good news of the power couple has emerged: sources reveal that Jay-Z is willing to put in the hard yards to fix his marriage.

According to Hollywood Life, Jay-Z made a promise to Bey that he is willing to put in "100 percentage" to ensure their marriage doesn't descend into another conscious uncoupling situation. A source close to the power couple said:

Jay Z doesn’t want to lose Beyoncé. They are trying to work things out but obviously it’s difficult for them to go to couple’s counseling because of their busy schedules. But they are not calling it quits on their marriage at least not until they’ve tried everything...They just need some time, that’s what Jay Z has asked and Beyoncé won’t give up without a fight as well. They both want what’s best for Ivy

Well, duh! You don't just quit on Queen Bey without first giving it the old college try. But seriously, it's great to hear that they're trying to work it out, especially with daughter, Blue Ivy to think of. But what about those nasty rumors of other girls hanging around Jay? well sources say that he's promised he's only got eyes for Beyoncé:

At this point Jay Z would do absolutely anything to save his marriage. He’s 100% committed. No other girls, no cheating. This is what he’s promised Beyoncé

That's some pretty big talk we're hearing from Jay-Z, but can he walk the walk? Well, with the end of the On the Run tour in just two weeks I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Source: Hollywood life


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