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Growing up I'm sure you watched as many animated movies and TV shows as I did. Though they are often a bit crazy and unrealistic their animated characters made their way into our hearts and minds for life. But this week it was revealed that a childhood favorite of mine, Hello Kitty is not actually a cat.

Yes, I know. It's both devastating and confusing.

Christine R. Yano, an athropologist at the University of Hawaii is currently curating a Hello Kitty exhibit in Los Angeles (so cool!). When Sanrio, the company who produces Hello Kitty, proofread her text for the exhibit they made one correction to her script- they were adamant that Hello Kitty was NOT a cat.

Wait, so what is she?

Apparently she is a cartoon character little girl. She is not a cat and is never depicted on all fours like a cat, but walks and sits like a two-legged character. She even owns her own pet cat, a persian named Charmmy Kitty.

With the dust from this bombshell still settling I decided to take a look into what other animated characters might have secret identities.

Check out what I found:


Hello Kitty is a twin

In addition to the bombshell from Sanrio we also found out other details about Hello Kitty. Apparently her name is actually Kitty White and she lives in London with her twin sister Mimmy. You can tell Kitty from Mimmy because Kitty wears a red bow while Mimmy has a yellow one. Kitty's parents are George and Mary and her grandparents are Anthony and Margaret. Kitty was born on November 3rd (a Scorpio, like me!) and loves homemade apple pies.

Who knew?!


Arthur is an Aadvark

Yep, the guy on the right is bulldog. Apparently.
Yep, the guy on the right is bulldog. Apparently.

Arthur, he taught us all how to work and play and get along with each other (hey!) but you might not have learned that Arthur is an anteater!

Anteaters or Aadvarks are native to Africa but somehow Arthur's family found themselves living in America. It pays not to question Arthur too much though, after all he was friends with a rabbit, bear, a couple of orangutans and a bulldog!


Winnie-The-Pooh was a girl

A.A. Milne based the character of Winnie-The-Pooh on a stuff bear owned by his son, Christopher Milne. Christopher had named the bear after Winnie, a female Canadian Black Bear he often saw at the London Zoo. While Winnie-The-Pooh is now usually assumed to be male he does have some quite feminine traits, maybe harking back to his name sake, Winnie the bear.


Rafiki is a fictional hybrid

Rafiki, the famous primate who lifted a baby Simba into the air, is not actually a real animal. Ok, ok I know it's an animated movie but if the lions are real and the Hyenas are real - why not Rafiki?

Turns out Rafiki is officially referred to as a baboon but in reality he has a lot of mandrill features including the colorful nose, cheeks and buttocks. Mandrills are also native to jungles which is a far cry from the open plans of the Pridelands where The Lion King takes place. Disney used the baboon-mandrill hybrid monkeys again for the movie Tarzan. Why, I'm not sure, but if I had to guess it's probably because Rafiki did look pretty cool.


Scrat was never real

Scrat the Saber toothed Squirrel is one of the most endearing characters of all time, he just wanted that acorn man! Unfortunately for us, Scrat does not actually belong to any known species, living or dead. Scrat does look like he could have be born to a rat father and squirrel mother but as that's impossible we're just going to have to assume that he was conceived in the brain of a cartoon designer instead.


Wow, some of those are definitely childhood changing! Now I'm left wondering just how many other animated characters are keeping their secret identities hidden!


What secret identity shocked you most?

Source: Buzzfeed, Listverse


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