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Martin Scorsese likes to keep busy. The legendary director has already signed on to make a spin-off series of Shutter Island entitled Ashecliffe with HBO, he's directing a pilot for an as-yet untitled rock 'n' roll series set in the 1970s, and he's filming an adaptation of Shūsaku Endō's novel Silence. Damn.

Never one to get overwhelmed, he's now suggested he'll be directing a Ramones biopic as well. With the recent passing of last remaining original band member Tommy Ramone, it would certainly be a good time to reflect on the legacy of the band.

Scorsese has the proper credentials for something like this; he's previously directed concert doc Shine a Light for the Stones, as well as Bob Dylan documentary No Direction Home.

Although no details have been confirmed as yet, if the project goes ahead it'll be part of a Ramones revival which includes a book, a theatrical play, and some cringey merchandising.

All cynicism aside, I'm genuinely hoping this happens - Scorsese is surely the man to shed light on the New York punk scene without turning it into a 90 minute cliche.

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Is Scorsese the right choice to direct a Ramones biopic?


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