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Walking the 66th Annual Emmy Awards red carpet, Idris Elba says that more Luther is on the way at some point.

"It's not over. There will be more. It's one of those shows that could keep going."

Even though it has been off of the air for over a year now, how are we likely to see Luther's return?

"I have ambitions to take it into a film, make it a slightly bigger world, but I think TV's beckoning. We're going to do some more."

Elba doesn't say when to expect the show or movies but remains confident that it will happen but he does confirm that Alice, played by Ruth Wilson, will return.

(Source: Zap2It)

If you haven't been watching this show... GET ON IT!

It's AMAZING! I love it. Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson are absolutely awesome in their roles. I can't say enough good things about it!

Are you excited about the idea of a season 4 of [Luther](series:205901)?



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