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In this article we will be talking about the competition for the Hateful Eight film in the opening weekend, the level of expectation we have for Quentin Tarantino films and the deadly eight in the film and who have said yes to being a part of this film.

The initial release date for the Hateful Eight is December 2015, so what is the competition for the film that opening weekend?

With no exact dates on when this will premiere let’s just look at what dates have been confirmed for December 2015.

Star Wars 7, 10 years after the last George Lucas directed installment to the franchise debuted. Number seven has been confirmed to be released on the 18th of December. Star Wars 7 will be a huge contender that whole month. With Star Wars being the first edition to the next set of movies there will be very high expectations with for the series, having broken so many records in the past along with having one of the largest fandoms ever - the bar is set extraordinarily high.

[Kung Fu Panda 3](movie:458981) has been confirmed to be released two days before Christmas day on the 23rd of the month. Kung Fu Panda 3 has had two very successful prequels, so the final movie to the franchise has a lot of potential be a very successful movie. It's audience is mostly children, but adults aren't going to sit through and pay for the cinema ticket if it isn't decent, so expectations are high.

[Mission: Impossible 5](movie:373501) is going to hit theaters on Christmas day. Mission Impossible has a huge reputation so it could be a problem for the Hateful Eight.

In my opinion these three movies will be the biggest problem for Quentin’s Tarantino’s next motion picture.

Those three movies will be the biggest competition for Quentin’s Hateful Eight when the movie releases in 2015 in December but we should not put all of our in eggs in just the one basket. The level of perfection of filmmaking that Quentin Tarantino strives for means that we can’t count out the Hateful Eight yet, this movie could easily be Quentin’s masterpiece.

Quentin is on the left.
Quentin is on the left.

With the competition for 2015 around December discussed let’s take a look at who the director himself. The Hateful Eight will be 11th film that Quentin Tarantino directs.

My personal opinion about Quentin Tarantino is that he has left a huge legacy and has put the bar for what expect in his films very steep, my rant is cant we have the same standard for every film we except for Quentin’s movies have those same standards for other directors then the films would be so much better.

Let’s look at Quentin’s awards for his eight films he has directed.

2 Oscar awards for pulp fiction and Django Unchained, 112 win’s in awards and 96 nominations.

Let’s calculate this; it works out to be 26 awards on average for every film Quentin Tarantino has directed.

That is super impressive, I have directed and created three short films and have no awards to my names so far.

So with so many awards under the belt the level of expectation we have for his film’s are huge. Let’s look at Quentin’s last movie he directed and wrote.

Django Unchained was Quentin’s last western film and it won 2 Oscars, 50 other awards and was nominated for 79 awards. That is huge amount of awards let’s compare it to another huge film of the 21st century. The first edition of the hunger games won 1 golden globe, 30 awards and was nominated for another 38 awards which they didn’t win.

One of the biggest and most successful films for Quentin was in 1994 Pulp Fiction. Which won 1 academy award, they also won 67 other less important awards and was nominated for 47 awards and is currently sitting number 5 in the top 250 films rated by IMDB.

With the Hateful Eight in pre production Quentin just announced that there will be a deadly third instalment of Kill Bill volume 3.

How do you feel about Kill bill volume 3, are you looking forward to it?

We have discussed how successful previous films have been for Quentin. Let’s have a look at what or more like who has said yes for starring in the Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful eight film.

Kurt Russell has been confirmed by Google to be starring in the film. Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Tamblyn have been identified by IMDB to star in the film. The only person has been given a role is Zoe Bell and she will be playing Six- Horse Judy. Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins also have been identified by IMDB as well as everyone else.

I do apologize about sidedness of this video.

A few days ago a video was uploaded to the internet telling us about the film’s character in my opinion it was a teaser trailer not a leaked trailer as alot of people have been calling it.

And it is in a very poor condition.

In this leaked trailer they discuss the film's main protagonist and other deadly seven characters but who is the protagonist, tell me what you think?

  • • Major Marqus Warren “Bounty Hunter”
  • • John Ruth “Hangman”
  • • Daisy Domergue “the prisoner”
  • • Chris Mannix “the sheriff”
  • • Bob “the Mexican”
  • • Oswaldo Mobray “the little man”
  • • Joe Cage “The Cow Puncher”
  • • General Sandy Smithers “The Confederate”

The question that this raises is who is Six Horse Judy and is she important but she can’t be that important if she’s not a part of the hateful eight or is she?

Those are the deadly eight in the film and they all have the hateful eight connection. If you want I will have the little review we did about the film. If you would like to hear more about from me subscribe to my YouTube channel. There will be the teaser trailer attached to my review.

I would talk about the script but I have not been able to find the script to download and read if anyone can help please comment below (:

The hateful eight have been identified but who do you think should play the characters and what do you think their connection is?

This is my fan theory, do you think they will be all related because they are major icons in their town or could they all be a part of a family connection. The “what if” factor is huge, with the script being leaked online some people know what the connection is but others don’t.

This being a Quentin Tarantino film, actors and actress are all trying to get parts in this film, rumour has it that Jennifer Lawrence is going to be apart of the film.

If by any chance Quentin you are reading this I would love to be your coffee runner or more in general a helper to your film It would be a dream come true for to be apart of your film.

I hope you have enjoyed my second article I would love to hear your opinion and I hope you enjoyed reading my breakdown of the film.


Are you looking forward to The Hateful Eight?


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