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This is one of my favourite British/American films that I have seen in a long time. I have watched this over and over and I can't stop laughing. Literally who ever wrote this film was a total GENIUS!

'Seven Psychopaths', well it's about seven psychopaths who are crazy and quirky in their own ways. Let's start with Marty (Colin Farrell) who's an Irish screen writer and is working on a new screenplay called you guessed it 'Seven Psychopaths'.He has this crazy friend called Billy (Sam Rockwell) who steals dogs with Hans (Christopher Walken) and returns the dogs to their owners for money.

During the film we come across other characters who are psychopaths. We also have stories being told throughout the film of another 2 psychopaths which Marty likes to use in his screenplay which we only meet when the story is being told.

You still following me on this? There are numerous psychopaths to pick out 1 of which is psychopath no.1 and psychopath no.7 and you'll find this out towards the end of the film.

This film itself was written so well that it fits the story and the look of the film came across the same. Marty likes to use the stories being told in his screenplay and these small stories which are being told are shown in great detail on screen with good narration. The different psychopaths in the film are played well and link to one another in certain ways, well one way for sure their all PSYCHOPATHS! It's like having hidden secrets within the film that all make sense towards the end, well doesn't every film?

I highly recommend this film a watch, it's funny, it's got action and you'll want to watch it again and again. Well I am officially back and couldn't be happier to continue more of the Challenge here on MP.

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