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Jurassic World, also known by fans as Jurassic Park 4, has recently finished filming, and the early signs coming out of this movie are very good.

From their casting of Chris Pratt, who already had his fans but has now become known to a wider audience thanks to his starring role as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, to their decision to give the movie a new name disassociating it from the less successful Jurassic Park sequels, almost every move made by [Jurassic World](movie:32752) seems to have been the right one.

The Richard Attenborough statue in Jurassic World
The Richard Attenborough statue in Jurassic World

In another touching move, director Colin Trevorrow has commemorated late actor and director Richard Attenborough with a statue in the Jurassic Park theme park, where the action of the movie takes place

Welcome to Jurassic World: The Plot

There have been many different theories as to what the plot for Jurassic World will be, but one thing seems certain - it will all take place on the original Jurassic Park island of Isla Nublar and we will see and up and running dinosaur theme park outstripping anything on screen before.

This leaked concept art reveals the island in all it's glory. Look closely and you can see flying pterodactyls, a monorail stretching around the mountains, and there have even been reports of a massive lagoon located in the middle of the island.

Isla Nublar - home to Jurassic World
Isla Nublar - home to Jurassic World

But all might not be as well on the Jurassic World island as may first appear. In a recent interview, Chris Pratt revealed that this movie will take place 22 years after the events of the first Jurassic Park. The island dinosaur theme park has been around for such a long time that attendances are starting to fall; promoters decide to bring in a new attraction - and that is where things go wrong.

Falling attendances, desperate promoters looking for one new attraction? Combine this with the news that the Jurassic World Dino-consultant Jack Horner has claimed there will be a "scary new dinosaur" in Jurassic Park 4, and it begins to look like the plot of Jurassic Park will centre on one deadly dinosaur, which causes the all the inevitable chaos in Jurassic World.

If this is the case, what dinosaur is huge and deadly enough to cause that kind of damage?

Let's run through some of the options:


Utahraptor - the new king beast of Jurassic World?
Utahraptor - the new king beast of Jurassic World?

It was the Velociraptor that stole the show in the original Jurassic Park - everyone remembers the scenes of them viciously and ruthlessly bringing down the T-Rex, so could the Utahraptor be the ferocious new beast for Jurassic World?

The Utahraptor is essentially a much larger version of the Velociraptor. Up to 25 feet long with 12 inch claws, a pack of these guys could definitely do a lot of damage.

They aren't invincible though, see one get taken down in a dinosaur on dinosaur battle in this rather poor animation from the History Channel:


Kronosaurus: Jurassic Sea World?
Kronosaurus: Jurassic Sea World?

One potentially under examined aspect of the Dinosaur kingdom are the water beasts, and this one - named after Kronos, the Greek Titan who devoured his own children - is not to be messed with.

We have heard rumors of a dinosaur lagoon in Jurassic World where Great White Sharks are strung up above the the water dinosaur to leap out and eat them whole - could we see the Kronosaurus perform this Sea World style trick? A sea creature turned insane by performing, would surely be a pretty deadly threat to the Jurassic World theme park!


The Mapusaurus, cannibals that hunt in packs
The Mapusaurus, cannibals that hunt in packs

This is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs out there, the Mapsaurus weighed 6 tons and could grow to 40 feet.

To make it even more deadly in hunted in gangs, and there have been examinations of this dinosaur bones indicating that, when food was scarce, they weren't reluctant to turn to cannibalism.

In essence, this would mean be like a gang of savage, cannibalistic T-Rexes.

Mapusaurus doesn't have the ring of the T-Rex, though - so the makers of Jurassic World might need to work on the name!

But which dinosaur do you think Chris Pratt was hinting at when he spoke of the new attraction that will endanger Jurassic World? Have your say below the line!



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