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Everyone loves Captain America. The First Avenger indeed made a statement this year with the beloved Captain America: The Winter Soldier; and it was hard not to like. The film was a great continuation to the story of Steve Rogers ; not to mention being a bold movie for Marvel Studios. As the film hit theaters, many were excited to see what was next for Steve Rogers, It has been confirmed that Chris Evans will return in the upcoming blockbuster: Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, what about after the next team up film? Captain America 3 is slated for a 2016 release, so what could possibly await Capt in his next solo film? Could you believe death?

It seems that many are speculating the end of Steve Rogers;whether it happens in Captain America 3 or in Avengers 3. Reports are indicating that Steve Rogers' story may come to an end in Captain America 3 (personally I would wait until Avengers 3). However, for the sake of speculation, lets say Steve Rogers goes down fighting. Could someone replace him as Captain America? The possibility for that is very high and there two likely candidate to dawn the role of Captain America.

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier

This year moviegoers saw Captain America's best friend, Bucky Barnes, turn into a formidable enemy as the Winter Soldier. Without going into spoilers, it was clear that Bucky had more to offer the franchise. With reports of Winter Soldier appearing in Captain America 3 and the fact that Sebastian Stan has a 9 movie deal, it would be easy to see Bucky Barnes becoming the new Captain America. As fans know, Bucky does become Captain America for a short period of time. Seeing Bucky dawn the role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would not be a stretch. This direction would make for a good redemption story for Bucky as he honors his friend. The character of Bucky certainly left a lot of intrigue at the end of Winter Soldier. Whether or not his character will lead to him dawning of the shield remains to be seen.

Sam Wilson aka Falcon

The Winter Soldier not only establish Bucky Barnes as a legitimate threat, but it also introduce to Sam Wilson; or better known as Falcon. Falcon stood out in the 2014 film as he made a great supporting character. So what if Sam could be built to be the next Captain America? With recent events of Falcon becoming the new Captain America, it could be possible that Falcon could dawn the role in the marvel cinematic universe. It would be an interesting direction for the character. Having Sam as Captain America could work in the terms of a solo film as we would be to go more into his character and it give us something new in the case of the MCU. Then again, it all depends what they want to do with the character of Falcon. For all we know, Falcon may not be feature in the next Captain America film. Do not take that to heart as Falcon will likely play a major role in Captain America 3; but you never know.

The future of Captain America is open to a lot of possibilities. It is possible that either Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson could become Captain America. Then again, there is also chance that neither character takes up the mantle. Maybe Chris Evans will stay on for a few more years. You never know. The only way to find is staying tune for more on Captain America and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America 3 is scheduled to hit theaters in May 6, 2016. Captain America will return in Avengers: Age of Ultron; hitting theaters May 1, 2015.


Who could be the next Captain America?


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