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What if I told you that, as you read this, there is a series of movies in the works based on an ancient story found in Mesoamerica?

127 Hours and Ephraim’s Rescue actor Darin Southam is producing a film that will change the way we look at epic movies such as Gladiator, Robin Hood (2010)”, The Hobbit Triliogy, and Kingdom of Heaven. That movie is called Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty.

Writer JD Payne (Star Trek 3), along with many other well-known scribes, will aid in this phenomenal movement. Southam, has boldly prepared to do something rather unprecedented, which is to give the fans the first 17 pages of the script to read prior to release!

So, what is this movie about, and why on earth is this director spoiling the movie before production? More importantly, why should you watch it? Rest assured, these questions will be answered hereafter.

Reign of Judges is set in first century B.C. Mesoamerica. Newly promoted Captain Moroni is struggling in defending a young republic from tyrannical usurpation. They are surrounded by an envious band who lusts for dominion, power, and revenge over all who oppose them! The Captain must rally those who believe that freedom is not dead. Freedom is alive! And they must salvage it, even if it means their country, lands and families!

Imagine Reign of Judges as being a cross between Apocalypto, Braveheart, and The Last of the Mohicans. Except that rather than the dialogue being in a different language with subtitles as in Apocalypto, it will be presented in a slightly modernized form of English. When you read the first few pages of the script, there are hints of a certain character who is the last of his kind. For me, this resonates with what is depicted in The Last of the Mohicans. Since this movie is heavily based on “freedom,” hence Title of Liberty, one would expect that Moroni could be the one yelling “FREEDOM!!!” as his last hoorah! Instead, Moroni will wave a banner hoisted on a pole reading their sole purpose for freedom! Hey, maybe he will yell “freedom” at the end of his inspirational speech.

So, why is this Director Spoiling the Movie Before Production? Well, you have to understand that we are in a pop culture frenzy at the moment in which everyone and his brother is crying “spoiler alert.” People love spoilers and they love to hate them. So with Southam giving the fans free access to a portion of the script, he is just bringing the film in line with today’s society and appeasing both crowds. One side can find out more about the film and torture others, and the other can be that much more interested in the film because there is information out there that they don’t know.

As to why you should watch this movie, let me answer that question with another. When was the last time you have heard of a movie about Native Americans fighting for their freedom? All the while struggling to avoid being erased from history?

Why even stop there? Since Moroni is not only a Captain, he is a Native American Captain, meaning he will be the “VERY First Avenger”! Captain Moroni: THE First Avenger! Personally, I think it would be cool if Chris Evans took the role of Captain Moroni. He has succeeded in being Captain American in three films so far, why not be another captain altogether?

What do you think? Does this movie have potential?

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