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Great news Olicity fanatics, CW apparently responds to your emails and records you shouting at your TiVo.

Because unlike what we gathered from the Season 2 finale of [Arrow](series:720988) (in which Oliver shares a passionate kiss with his *ahem* assistant, only to reveal he did it to fool Deathstroke), there is apparently some relationshipping being planned by the writers.

The kiss is seen on the show's leaked promo, which you can check out on SpoilerTV. Or, you can watch just the kiss here:

What does this mean? Seriously, I'm wondering how in the world they're going to shoehorn this relationship in, and to be honest, I'm getting sick of Ollie sleeping with every single female on the show.

One of the benefits of Felicity was that she was the one girl he didn't go after, even though it made sense. And their tension made the show's relationship subplots all seem like fan-fiction in comparison.

But that's just one opinion in the sea of countless others where everyone wants to see these two get together. Fine, but when you get sick of their relationship and complain about the show killing/ruining one of the best things about itself, I'll be there on my couch mentally shaming you as popcorn invades my mouth.

Season 3 of "Arrow" premieres October 8.


How long do you think it will take for the CW to ruin Olicity?


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