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It feels like the rumors have been running rampant for years: from Benedict Cumberbatch to Jared Leto, many actors have been rumored to be in talks for the part of Marvel's first non-origin-story Superhero movie, Doctor Strange. Today, a source close to the film offered a little more insight to the casting process, and who we might see donning the cape.

A report on Collider details why it's taken so long for the actor to sign - something that's rumored to happen within the next few days - saying that a lot of consideration has gone into the constraints of the standard multi-picture Marvel contract. Phoenix still wishes to work on multiple projects that don't have to do with comic book movies, such as future projects with Spike Jonze.

I mean, if I had that many awards...
I mean, if I had that many awards...

With that said, there's even more backing up this possible casting in recent news: according to local sources, Phoenix dropped into Sarge's Comics in Conneticut to pick up a few issues of Doctor Strange!

Hopefully soon, we'll have confirmation on who our Doctor Strange will be. In the meantime...


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