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I have HUGE news, Vampire Academy fans!! News so ridiculously,unbelievably, colossally, HUGE, that I'm practically jumping and down with excitement.

Yes, it's THAT great!
Yes, it's THAT great!

First things first, are you a self-confessed VAddict? Did you religiously follow the entire movie-making process right up until this very day? Did you fangirl when we found out who our Rose, Lissa and Dimitri were? Stalk the cast whereever they went in the hopes of FINALLY realising your dreams and meeting the real-life characters from VA? Did you join in on the thousands of fan-driven twitter trends? Make your own Vampire Academy trailer, cutting together bits of the cast from the previous works?

Maybe you're a blogger, like me, and you've spent over a year, blogging and writing about ALL things VA related? Yes?

YES! Then this is an opportunity for YOU! With only 8 days left on the IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign for Frostbite and 85% of the $1.5m left to raise, the producers of Vampire Academy have pulled out the big stakes!

They're auctioning off four select pieces of memorabilia direct from the Vampire Academy set!

Wait, WHAT!?
Wait, WHAT!?

Yes, you heard right! For a price, any of four items from set can be yours! And all the money collected will go towards their IndieGoGo Campaign and bring us all one step closer to !

So, if you watched the movie and thought,

"Hey, Rose's leather jacket is kinda badass. I could totally rock that."

Well, now you CAN!

The item is available on Ebay, direct from the producers, and regardless of whether or not they raise enough money for Frostbite, you'll STILL be able to have this one of a kind jacket. And yes, it is indeed one a kind, because it is the EXACT jacket that Zoey Deutch wore as Rose in the movie. It's not a replica, it's not just from a normal store, IT'S THE EXACT JACKET THAT ZOEY WORE.

So if you fancy having something that Zoey herself wore, check it out on Ebay here!

The second item up for auction, is the dress worn to the 'Equinox Dance' by Miss Queen Bee herself, Mia Rinaldi. (played by Sami Gayle).

Form-fitting and girly, the dress, like the aforementioned jacket, is also one of a kind. It is the EXACT dress that Sami Gayle herself wore as Mia in the movie, so if you fancy feeling like Queen Bee, head on over to Ebay and check it out here!

If 'Queen Bee' isn't quite high enough on the social ladder for you, then why not jump straight to the top and nab yourself Princess Vasilissa's green dress from the 'Equinox Dance'?

Vampire Academy crew
Vampire Academy crew

As with the other items up for sale, this dress is also one of a kind, worn exclusively by Lucy Fry as Lissa in the movie. If this pretty ensemble appeals to you, then head on over to Ebay and bid on it here!

Last, but by no means least, the producers have put THAT dress up for auction.

You know the one. Rose's killer black dress - the one Dimitri loves so much, he ripped it off in one smooth motion in that infamous Lust Charm scene? *wink wink*

If you plan to turn heads just like Rose did, you can bid on the infamous black dress on Ebay here! And who knows? Your Dimitri may just come a-knocking.

The bids are open until the 2nd of September, so if any of these take your fancy, you better get bidding!

Don't forget that ALL proceeds go to the IndieGoGo Campaign, bringing us one step closer to Frostbite.

Spread the word, spread the campaign, and let's make Frostbite a reality!

Go VAddicts GOOOOOOO!!!


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