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EDIT: The winners have been chosen! Check it out here:


I bet you're wondering if this is too good to be true... well let me tell you, it's not. Today I come bearing gifts and with our friends over at Walker Stalker Con: Atlanta, we are giving away TWO three-day prize packages for the coolest, creepiest, most undead convention in the world! Wait, did I forget to mention that the cast of The Walking Dead is going to be there?! Couldn't get any cooler for a zombie loving superfan, right? That means you and your friend, sister, brother, cousin, spouse, or grandparent - because let's face it - we love getting the heck scared out of us.

These cosplays are AWESOME
These cosplays are AWESOME

Did I get your attention by mentioning that the cast of The Walking Dead is going to be there? Now let me guess; you're wondering how you can get your hands on these great ticket packages and get to experience the world of the undead. Oh, I totally knew it! Our Horror channel page manager Kat Morris is actually moderating not only one, but two panels at Walker Stalker Con with the actors who were formerly on the The Walking Dead and then were killed off. The best and most creative answer to the question below, will win a prize package to die for. See what I did there? Okay, back to business!

"Why my favorite character should/shouldn't be killed off on The Walking Dead"

Quite an easy question right? I wish I could make it out there, but it's all the way in Atlanta and I'm stuck slaving away for more free things to give away to you guys in L.A.!

  • You must be able to get yourself to the Con on your own, unfortunately there's no flight or hotel included with this package - so make sure that if you win, you can utilize it and will be able to make the event.
  • If you win, you'll be receiving a total of two tickets (yourself, and a +1)
  • We'll be choosing the winner on Tuesday, September 9th, submissions will close by 12:00AM PST September 9th.
  • You can submit multiple answers in the comments section. Let us know why your favorite character should or shouldn't be killed off, whichever of the two you feel most strongly about.

If you want more information check out the Walker Stalker Con website and get all of the details on what you'll be doing once you win these highly coveted tickets. ;)

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We're really excited to read all of your answers! Good luck to you all!


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