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It's been a crazy week here at Moviepilot. We've gone through and read each of your highly entertaining answers about which practical three items you'd bring on your journey through the Catacombs of Paris. However we only have two prize packages to giveaway, so narrowing it down was HARD. But, before we announce who the pair to win the prize is; I'd like to highlight some of our staff's favorite answers:

Sarah Kenny

Fact: All blankets are monster proof, once you hide under those comfy woven fibers, you're golden. We loved this answer!

Mike Noe

I like the logic behind this. You can never go wrong with the Dr. Phil-Conan combination. Also, I think bringing devils food cake to the devil is very considerate of you.

Ricardo Zaragoza

Hmmm, I think one more roll of duct tape couldn't hurt, but what do I know?

Steven King

These slasher references are on point! I just hope they wouldn't be chasing you through the catacombs instead, they aren't exactly known for that whole "allowing people to live" thing and all.

K. Lee Adams

I mean Batman & Robin wasn't that bad...right?! Okay, you know what? Yeah, that might work.

Shawn Jeter

Highly logical, great reasoning. You're in Paris, I'm sure they don't speak English in the Catacombs of Paris. Bravo to the perfect escape plan as well!

Rich Witzig

You sound like you've gone through the Catacombs before...have you?! Very solid and quite the professional answer. I am thoroughly impressed.

Kristina White

And possibly with the most logical and thought out answer yet; don't go in at all. I can't blame you. You wouldn't find me down there! Nope. I much prefer this well-lit and safe office. I'll just stay riiight here.

We loved all of these answers but we only had two prize packs to give away! *Drumroll, please*

Runner-Up: Messiah Entertainment

A change of pants is entirely necessary (two for me, actually, won't lie). That camcorder is the perfect way to get your own found-footage film, you get to go out with a feature length film if anything. That shovel is the perfect item: tool/weapon combo, can't go wrong with that! It's a great utility.

You are now the proud owner of a Moviepilot exclusive As Above/So Below t-shirt and signed poster from the cast! Congratulations, Messiah Entertainment, you killed it!

And for the winner of the ultimate As Above/So Below prize package!

Grand-Prize Winner: Luis Rodriguez (The Luis Experience)

You've definitely touched on all three essentials: a weapon, water, and last but not least - sustenance. The real question is, who doesn't love Twinkies? I'm pretty sure it's a mortal sin if you don't like those perfect little Hostess cakes.

Congrats on winning the grand prize, Luis! We'll be contacting you to get in touch with us!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the contest! We have tons of more giveaways coming up. So stay tuned! You can just follow my profile to get the inside scoop on what's coming next!

Make sure to buy your tickets for [As Above/So Below](movie:1284983) which has opened up today, August 29th, 2014!


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