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Warning: If you have not seen all of Season 2, there are some spoilers coming up!

The second season of hit TV show Arrow is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD September 16th, and in anticipation of that, star Stephen Amell just released some extended footage from episode 15: The Promise.

It's only an extra 44 seconds, but if you are as big a fan of the show as I am, that's three-quarters of a minute of pure bliss!

"The Promise" was the episode where Oliver Queen first met Slade Wilson back in Starling City, in his mother's drawing room of all places. It was a pivotal episode in the series which explained why Slade has such a passionate hatred of Oliver, when up until that point they had been working together on the island. The flashbacks show him finding out that Oliver had chosen Sara over Shado in the worst possible way (and made me hate Sara a little bit more for preventing Ollie from telling him what happened in the first place).

All about the love triangle...
All about the love triangle...

The scene may not add anything vital in terms of plot, but it was impressive nonetheless. It would have fallen towards the end of the flashbacks, but before the very last one, where Slade makes his promise of revenge. This is between the initial realization and fight, and ends with Oliver being thrown into a cell on the ship.

As usual, the fighting is just ridiculously impressive, and I would have loved to see it included just for the sake of that knife-stop. Incredible!

I can't wait to see which other deleted scenes will be included in the set.


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