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Leave it to Elijah Wood to craft a two-month long film and music festival that spotlights the absolutely best of horror! SpectreFest, beginning September 4 in Los Angeles and co-hosted with CineFamily, is a horror fan's absolute dream. Seriously. I got chills when I read this lineup. We are talking Clive Barker introducing the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed, Joe Dante presenting a 30th anniversary screening of Gremlins, a double feature of Dead Snow 1 & 2, and premieres of The Babadook, The Guest, Housebound, and Tusk. So basically...

Did I mention that there will also be a two-month long exhibit of Clive Barker's personal notebooks?

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, "the L.A. premiere of horror pic Babadook will be followed by a sleepover marathon of kinder-carnage and childhood haunts, plus a few surprises."

So essentially, Wood has crafted a full two months of the best day ever for those of us who want to live in a world that is made up of nothing but horror films. To those of you in the Los Angeles area, I think I speak for all of us trapped everywhere else when I say:

You can see the entire lineup of SpectreFest below!

9/4 Opening Night Event — The Guest (dir. Adam Wingard)

Scheduled to attend: Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett

9/16 Tusk (dir. Kevin Smith)

(co-presented by Fantastic Fest) Guest: Kevin Smith

9/18 Housebound (dir. Gerard Johnstone)

9/25 White Shadow (dir. Noaz Deshe) Guest: Noaz Deshe

9/30 The Golem with live score by Jacaszek

10/4 Confetti of the Mind (co-presented by Fantastic Fest) and Open Windows (dir. Nacho Vigalondo)

Guests: Elijah Wood, Nacho Vigalondo

10/9 Dead Snow 1 & 2 (dir. Tommy Wirkola)

Guests: Martin Starr, Jocelyn DeBoer, Tommy Wirkola

10/10 The Creeping Garden (dir. Tim Grabham, Jasper Sharp)

10/16 Nightbreed Director’s cut (dir. Clive Barker)

Guest: Clive Barker

10/23 Metropolis with live score by Chrome Canyon!

10/25 Spooktacular With Jerry Beck

10/29 Tales From Beyond the Pale Guests: Larry Fassenden, Glen McQuaid

10/30 Gremlins 30th Anniversary (dir. Joe Dante) followed by PG-13 panel. Guest: Joe Dante

10/31 The Babadook (dir. Jennifer Kent)


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