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It is hard to imagine a world where Ryan Reynolds isn't Deadpool, especially after he's done so well with the character. But is he really the only one who could pull it off? Well, that's what fan casting is all about! Speculating the unofficial, murky future of the film industry is a favorite fan pass time, and that's what we're here to give you!

So, there were tons of mixed reactions to the first round but, all in all, a majority saw potential in a few of the contenders. Time to decide from the winners of Round One...


Jim Carrey vs Tom Hardy

Jim Carrey: Some may call him the King of Comedy. Not only has he done well there but he has done great in more serious roles and action. Going from Ace Ventura to The Number 23, and even Kick-Ass 2, he's got the range and acting chops to do it.

His downside, he's older, but will that matter with a mask on? He's also received a lot of backlash about not supporting guns and Kick-Ass 2, but that all happened after the tragedy of Sandy Hook. What happened there is bound to make a few people cringe but will that affect how Deadpool is portrayed? That's for you to decide.

Tom Hardy: Already known for playing the villain Bane and many other action roles, it's a hard to argue that he would be bad in the action scenes of a Deadpool movie.

But can he pull off Deadpool's more comedic side? That remains to be seen.


Seann William Scott vs Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington: Another action veteran. Who has shown a lot of range for only sticking to a certain genre. Maybe it's time this Avatar star broke out of his comfort zone and became the next Heath Ledger in the eyes of the fans?

A big gamble for him is, can he get Deadpool's humor right?

Seann William Scott: Some say Ryan is born to be Deadpool, but I wouldn't count Stifler out just yet. Many have left his movies in tears from laughter. He could just be the right kind of crazy that Deadpool needs that Ryan may not be able to deliver.

But can he do action? He has been in a few action/comedy movies in the early 2000s... And with the right training, who knows!


Johnny Knoxville vs Jensen Ackles

Johnny Knoxville: Where to start? From comedy to pulling some of the most outrageous pranks, this man is the kind of crazy that could make or break Deadpool. Can you imagine...Jackass Presents: Deadpool.

Or will that be too extreme for Deadpool fans?

Jensen Ackles: Most known for his role in Supernatural, which should give his some credentials here alone, the reason he's here is for his role in Dark Angel. Why? Because he played a witty, sarcastic character with the charisma to stand against Ryan Reynolds. He's also not a stranger to action either.

Time will tell if that will be enough for RR fans.

To make the casting equal, the runner up with the most votes has been added into this round.


Ryan Reynolds vs Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto: Known for playing Spock and Sylar in Heroes, he's got the action and the wit. He shows quite a range in his work and many have been pleasantly surprised in the past.

Ryan Reynolds: Already by a majority it seems, he is the fan favorite and is quoted, "born to play Deadpool". With his incredible physique to his witty, sarcastic humor, he's definitely got the chops. He already played Deadpool once and did a fantastic job despite a horrible script. That takes a lot.

His downfall, one might say is this, he plays the same character in almost every movie. The witty, sarcastic, cute guy, who just so happens to kick butt when the time comes. But is that so bad when it comes to playing Deadpool? No. But maybe it would be great for a little diversity. Many fans don't think so, but we shall see!

With his range in acting, can he let loose enough to be Deadpool?

Happy pickings!


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