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I think we can all agree that Guardians of the Galaxy was just about the best movie of all time. Right? Well, now we get to wait for the sequel, while we try to speculate what miracles MARVEL will achieve next. Here's what I've thought up.

It was announced a while back that Adam Warlock and Nova would be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy in the next film. I think that having these two characters could be awesome in two different ways.

If they want to continue down the same road of a hilarious action packed movie, then they should use this guy...


This one version of Nova. He appears in the animated series Ultimate Spiderman as Sam. He is a very sarcastic and punny guy with super powers. He can fly is highly resistant to injury and projects cosmic energy beams from his arms.

He would make a great Guardian of the Galaxy and would fit right in with the other Guardians. His sarcasm and.....puns :) would add an amazing new side of comedy to the film. Seriously! None of the others make pins! What's up with that?!?

This is how he'd join them. Since almost all of the Nova Corps died in the first movie, the surviving Novas need to step up security fast. They genetically alter Sam to create a super powered Nova. He is just a test subject so he's the only one. Being the stubborn teenager that he is, he runs away thinking,"You can't boss ME around."

He ends up bumping into Star Lord/ Peter Quill while he's running from Nova Corps. They take him in thinking it would be fun to hide a fugitive. And thus he becomes one of them.

Now, this guy...

Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock

Adam is an alien who comes from a cocoon. You may have seen his cocoon in The Collector's room in Thor 2 and GotG. You may also have noticed it was opened and empty after the explosion in GotG. He is free!!!. He has super strength, flight energy blasts and a ton of other powers. He is very popular for the possesion of the Soul Gem which will probably come up in the film.

When he emerges from the cocoon, he could be fully grown, but still with the mind of a child. I know he uses the cocoon to replenish his energy, but MARVEL could change it up a bit as they do.

They could introduce a new villain called The Grandmaster. I won't go into too much detail about him just that he has people fight in arenas for entertainment. He could find Adam and also Drax and have them fight. The two of them escape and Drax decides to keep him.

Through out the movie the Guardians will have to teach him as they would a three year old. That could be pretty funny.

So, that's one way they could be awesome in GotG2. They could take a more serious turn in the movies. If so, they'd still fit in.

Richard Rider Nova
Richard Rider Nova

This version of nova, Richard Rider, is more of a serious, down to business space cop. He could start out trying to arrest the Guardian, but later joining them. This Nova would work better in a more serious movie.

Adam Warlock ready to kick butt.
Adam Warlock ready to kick butt.

In a more serious film, they could just have the traditional Adam Warlock. Prepared to take on anyone who gets in his way even if it be Thanos himself.

Personally, I'd rather have a punny Nova and a man-baby Adam Warlock, but that's just me. Let me know your preferences down below.


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