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Jerome Maida

Jennifer Fraser, a Co-Executive Producer on 'The Martial Arts Kid" says she feels the film will have "a great impact for all ages".

Fraser, an Adjunct Professor at Montgomery College in Washington, DC, feels the film will help help people be "educated on bullying issues", "(which affect) all the kids around the world."

Fraser feels her being a Co-Executive Producer on "The Martial Arts Kid" gives her an opportunity for people to get better educated about not only bullying, bur the true spirit and positive effects of martial arts as well.

Fraser says her goal is to make people aware of "martial arts education needs in (every) community. I (also) wanted to show (the) big effort (made in this film) to demonstrate... bullying is tough - and a tough standard to define - across many schools (in every) area."

Fraser says she became very passionate about bullying as an issue after learning what was happening to her son at school.

"There were lots of kids bullying him. I was feeling hurt and (like I) let him down", says Fraser. "On the plus side, he has learned so much from the play group (that was offered) and it taught him what he needs what (his) friends need. (There is) not a negative side."

The [Martial Arts ](channel:388182) Kid is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


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