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Hover cars might still be limited to our wildest science fiction dreams, but it seems the next best thing - the hoverbike - is only round the corner.

Aeronautics developer, Mallory Aeronautics, has just released a video showcasing their proof of concept for a real life 'hoverbike'. By utilizing drone and helicopter technology, Mallory believe they are on the verge of breaking out into a new era of flying personal transport. To make this a reality, they have created a quadcopter concept design which is one third of the size of their forthcoming final product.

However, as with any new invention these days, Mallory are in need of your money. So they knocked together a Kickstarter video to showcase just what the hoverbike can do. Check it out, including the presenter's impressive ability to not blink, below:

Currently, the hoverbike has already achieved double it's rather modest £30,000 ($50,000) target which means hopefully Mallory can push ahead with their project - and perhaps even more!

However, as they point out on their Kickstarter, this creation isn't limited to hovering just off the ground. It is basically a helicopter you stick between your legs. This is exciting AND rather terrifying since falling off your bike at 10,000 ft is probably a bit more severe than doing it at ground level. Don't you think?

Of course, in reality, this is simply a glorified drone, and I'll be surprised if Mallory can actually negotiate the major engineering, safety and legal issues surrounding strapping a non-trained pilot onto a personal helicopter. However, one can still dream and cross their fingers. Indeed, science-fiction has been full of hoverbike designs. Let's reminisce over some of them below:

Of course, the Empire famously used their speeder bikes to subjugate a society of teddy bears.

While J.J. Abrams imagined a world where in the future sinister cops would also utilize hoverbikes for chasing down reckless children. And also a world where The Beastie Boys are still popular.

And of course, let's not forget about this more retro take on the venerable hoverbike:


Do you think we will really see hoverbikes?

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