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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson blew us away with his on-screen hero action...I mean, just look at Fast & Furious badass Agent Hobbs!

But what his awesome cinematic roles don't tell you is that Dwayne Johnson is also a hero in real life...

1. Heroes look after those who need their help.

The Rock's Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation helps raise money for children with life-altering conditions.


2. Heroes are totally, totally BADASS.

Uh, just check out this killer Facebook pic? Holy Mackerel!


3. Heroes take some knocks along the way.

Dwayne's been hospitalized with muscle injuries, but has never let it stop him achieving what he sets his mind to.


4. Heroes work their butts off and never stop trying.

Dwayne posts inspiration on his facebook, saying 'Training is a powerful life metaphor - controlling your destiny with your own two hands thru very hard work.' Well said!


5. Movie heroes love a good training montage...

Dwayne gotcha covered. Always happy to help the underdog.


6. Dwayne once chased down a real gang of criminals!

Dwayne saw off a bunch of guys trying to burgle the set of Fast 6. With his towering bulk and freakin' FBI uniform, those guys must have been scared!


7. Man, he's such a hero, he had a whole show about it!

Dwayne Johnson used the hit show The Hero to pass on his hero skills to others, helping build their courage and endurance.


8. ...and let's not forget that time that Dwayne was really a superhero.

Heroes know that a little laughter can go a long way! With that body, it'd be crazy not to be The Hulk, right?


Love real-life hero Dwayne Johnson? Tell us your favorite Dwayne Johnson real life hero moment below!


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