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Matt Carter

The title of the The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere episode has been released and it might just give us some indication about the violence that is about to go down.

According to TV Line, the opening episode is titled:

No Sanctuary

Considering Rick and the gang are being kept prisoner by those despicable Termites - who almost certainly want to nibble on their flesh - "No Sanctuary" seems like a pretty apt description.

It's also nice to see a Walking Dead episode get a fully-formed title again. At the back end of Season 4, it was almost as if the writers had used up all the letter quotient for the season, with the final couple of episodes being titled "Us" and "A".

From what we've seen and heard about the Season 5 premiere it's going to start with a bloody bang and keep that pace and tone for the entire episode. Show creator Robert Kirkman has also revealed that we'll see the true intentions of the Termites almost immediately, and having studied the trailer intensely, we know it ain't gonna be friendly.


Excited for the Season 5 premiere?


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