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Mark Newton

Firefly fans probably shouldn't expect their heroes to return to the big or small screen anytime soon, but they can expect them to arrive on their mantelpiece, shelf and/or desk.

Pop culture merchandise creator, Funko has just released images for a new line of Pop! vinyl figures inspired by Joss Whedon's Western sci-fi universe.

The figurines are available to preorder now via Entertainment Earth and you can get your hands on the entire Serenity crew, although unfortunately the additional hangers-on like Shepherd Book, Inara, Simon and River do not seem to be catered for. Take a look below:

This is the second of Joss Whedon's creations to be turned into Funko figurines, with his iconic Buffy The Vampire Slayer also getting a similar treatment.


Which of these figurines would you most like to own?



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