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If you cast your mind back to The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer, which dropped a few weeks ago, you'll remember it revealed that Beth was being held captive at an abandoned hospital by some sort of post-apocalyptic NWO police force.

In fact, in one scene she was actually seen attempting to flee and was being followed by someone we'd never seen before.

This guy:

Well, now we know the identity of the person running behind Beth, and it's none other than Everybody Hates Chris's Tyler Williams.

This guy:

Here's the always excellent Spoiling Dead Fans to explain:

Word is people around base camp have been told/heard that Tyler Williams from Everybody Hates Chris is on set. It's been rumored for a bit now that he had landed a role. His tweets match up for certain dates. He also appears to be the male in the trailer following Beth out of the hospital. So far he has been in Atlanta/Griffin/Peachtree during TWD filming. He seems to fit the description of the unidentified male that was filming with Rick, Ty, Glenn and Michonne earlier today.

Things just got hella interesting.

It's unclear at the moment who Williams is playing, but the fact he's over at the hospital and has filmed loads of scenes suggests it might be an important part.

Is he chasing after her in this scene because he's part of the "system" and wants to bring her back inline? Or is he simply trying to flee from the NWO cops with Beth?

Give the trailer another look and see what you think:


Is Williams' character a force for good or evil?


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