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(Freelance) Illustrator Blake Henriksen has brought back the true grittiness of the turtles in this one of a kind crossover! Blake depicts our reptilian mutant heroes slaughtering the undead in what it looks like to be a nearly abandon New York City.

The four brothers are bloody and bruised up from head to toe, but they won't give up without a fight! These are the turtles I love and it's a huge nod to the 1980's TMNT comic series. The images I'm about to show you are from Blake Henriksen's upcoming TMNT vs Zombies comic book project.... Which looks pretty damn awesome, take a look!




I love the Mortal Kombat arcade in the background
I love the Mortal Kombat arcade in the background


Should I end this article off with that picture? No? Ok, let's see more "gritty" TMNT fan art!

Artwork by Tristan Jones aka T-RexJones:

Artwork by Anthony Michael Washington aka Tonywash:

Artwork by Ken Barthelmey:

Artwork by Joao Pires aka Deadpea:

Artwork by Dave Rapoza:

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