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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Awesome news, SAMCRO fans! The Sons of Anarchy game is finally in development...and Kurt Sutter says it's gonna be 'F***ing Awesome'!

Well, I guess he probably would say that - he's also claimed the SOA game will present the 'evolution of gaming' - but the show is certainly exciting and high-profile enough to develop a GREAT game from.

Gamespot reports the Sons of Anarchy game will be a first-person action adventure, released around October, and will be playable on Tablet, not Console.

Sadly, this is just a joke mock-up from IGN...
Sadly, this is just a joke mock-up from IGN...

However, I'm a big gamer and I like to dream big. While the current game sounds a lot of fun, I'm still praying that Kurt Sutter's October 2012 tweet to GTA creators Rockstar comes day...

@RockstarGames you should make the SOA game. i know it's an expensive/complicated process, but let's chat, see if we can make it happen.

Please, Rockstar. Make it happen. I want to spend a week in bed, playing a Rockstar-made, GTA-style Sons of Anarchy game. PLEASE.


How do you feel about a Sons of Anarchy game?


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