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A few weeks back now I was one of the lucky ones to grab a wristband and meet Theo James (waits for the screams to end :) ) at San Diego Comic Con.

I have to say he was hotter than I imagined and so very sweet and still had a tinge of shock and awe when he looked over the crowds and saw all the screaming, squealing, and crying teens and tweens. But I am jumping the gun of how this all went down.

SDCC was an epic adventure to begin with, add the chance to meet Theo and his hot co-star Shailene Woodley and that just adds so much more to the fun and chaos that is SDCC.

I set out on Saturday very early in the am to make sure to get one of the elusive and coveted bracelets from the Lionsgate booth that would be hosting the autograph session for the Insurgent stars. I had to camp out to ensure I would get a bracelet and I wasn’t alone, hundreds of us were in line and waiting and waiting and waiting till the convention hall doors opened up at 9am. But if I was able to grab a wristband to make sure I got the autograph then all my standing and complaining and a sleepless night would pay off!

Did it pay off? Read more about it here


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