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Gigantic productions always hit one or two snags during the course of filming, and [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) has been no exception. Harrison Ford's leg was broken by none other than his own Millennium Falcon back in June, and the shooting schedule was rejiggered to accommodate for his injury.

Just recently, the production was on hiatus for two weeks "while adjustments to the current production schedule [were] made," a planned break that Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm announced last month. This delay, however, had nothing to do with Ford's original injury and thankfully won't be affecting the release date, though I'm sure the crew involved with post-production are already sweating about the prospect of getting everything finished just under the wire.

But Entertainment Weekly has reported that it was back to business as usual for cast and crew this week at Pinewood Studios in the UK (which has become the go-to location for blockbuster films now).

And all looks like it's situation normal for Ford, as well, who has been seen in public looking quite spry for a 72-year-old rehabbing a broken leg. He recently attended [The Expendables 3](movie:388705) and rocked his way down the red carpet with no assistance, as well as gamely completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge without a crutch or cast. He was also spotted at the Santa Monica Airport** a few weeks ago walking without his crutch and no more than a wrap around his ankle.

Six weeks is an amazingly quick recovery for a guy in his 70s. Maybe he figured out a way to tap into that sweet midichlorians deal.

Stromtrooper helmet
Stromtrooper helmet

BONUS: Remember those first Stormtrooper concept images that leaked a week a few weeks back? And then the photo of a Stormtrooper helmet sitting on a table? Well, a curious (and clever) user on The RPF by the name of R5SB discovered that snapshot had GPS coordinates attached to it, as most pictures taken with cell phones do these days...and the coordinates trace right back to Pinewood Studios, essentially confirming that both the concept art and photo are indeed the real deal.

**This is five minutes away from Moviepilot HQ. Had I known Han Solo was in our hood, I'd have stalked him, no fear. I've failed you, Star Wars fans.


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