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Aloha friends! I've always loved comics and have also always wanted a way to express my opinions about them. So enjoy!
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I recently bought the Secret Wars book at my local comic store (it's a good read, you should pick it up). As I was reading it, I manifested an idea. An idea that could potentially bring all our favorite Marvel characters together in one film: A Secret Wars Movie.

(If you are aware of the Secret Wars plot line and/or the movie rights situation for all of the Marvel characters, feel free to skip the next two bullets.)

  • What is the Secret Wars?: To sum it all up quickly, the Secret Wars is essentially a literal battle of good vs evil. The general plot line is that a cosmic entity called the Beyonder sees all our favorite heroes on Earth and thinks to himself, "I wonder which side would win in a battle of good versus evil?". And with that he plucks Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four and some of their respective villains, plops them all down on a Battleworld on the other side of the galaxy, and battle ensues.
  • What's up with all the separate movie universes?: I'll direct you to the following chart:

My idea for a Secret Wars movie would be something like this: The Beyonder plans his good versus evil battle just like the book, except instead of taking all the heroes from one Earth, he goes to multiple Earth's from different universes. Let's say he takes the Avengers from Universe A, Spider-Man from Universe B, the X-Men from Universe C, and the Fantastic Four from Universe D, and some of their respective villains on a Battleworld in Universe E. Battle ensues, and the movie makes a crap-ton of money.

This would please both parties of the movie-going community: the film-makers and the fans. The film-makers are happy because they get to retain the rights to the characters and they're film franchises are left untouched by the other characters, and the fans are happy because they get to see Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine all fighting bad guys together in one movie.

This also opens up a world of possibilities for other movies. Most of the time our heroes would stick to their respective worlds, like how Spider-Man isn't gonna have to call the Avengers every time Hydro-Man breaks out of jail. But let’s say for example the Fantastic Four are faced with some super world-ending threat like Galactus, it might be nice to have the ability of a couple other heroes to pop over and give them a hand.

As far as foreseeable problems go, I can only think of small continuity related issues, like how there just happen to be two guys named Quicksilver who both run really, really fast. But that’s not a huge crisis or anything. Ultimately I think this is a good idea that would benefit all Marvel movies in general. But what do you all think?


What's your opinion on my Secret Wars Theory?


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