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A few days ago, my lovely comrade Mark Newton wrote the article 11 Adult Jokes You (Probably) Missed In Your Favorite Kid Movies and he asked you, the readers, if there were any he missed.

And man, did you guys ever deliver. You came up with tons of examples and shared them in the comments. So I'm giving you a shout-out and virtual fist bump for your great responses. Here are some of the best we received (with a bit of light editing in some cases):

Jeff Jaynes:

In Toy Story, when Woody is trying to give a speech and no one is listening. And Slink comes to defend him and talk about how great he was. Mr. Potato Head takes off his lips and smacks them to his butt a few times, implying he's being an ass kisser.

Amber Palmer:

The first Despicable Me when the scene goes to all of the minions singing and dancing and being drunk on ice cream. If you look at the upper left there is a minion dancing on a pole with other minions gathered around watching.

Sarah Wilkins:

In Cars, when Mack pulls up to let Lightning McQueen out of the truck, one of the reporters says "Is it true he's going to pose for Car Girl?" It never clicked until I watched it with my son.

Joseph Downs:

Aladdin and the King of Thieves: Aladdin is getting married and the elephants stampede and Genie says, "That's funny, I thought the earth wasn't supposed to shake till the honeymoon."

Nina Leitenberg:

At the end of Toy Story 2, Buzz was watching in awe as Jessie did this cool flip thing with the Hot Wheels race track and car, and his wings popped up. I think we all know what *really* went up.

Angie Emerson:

You totally forgot Cat in the Hat when he shows the kids the car and says its name [is Super Hydrolic Instantaneous Transporter]. It spelled out...S**T LOL

You guys also proved that the Shrek series might be the most undercover dirty movies ever.

Gitana Gypsy:

The second Shrek movie where Puss-in-Boots gets caught with "catnip" and he says "That's not mine" lol

Dale Robertson:

In the movie Shrek when Shrek and Donkey get to Lord Farquaad's castle, Shrek says "Think he's compensating for something" and although it's talking about the fact that he is short we all know what else that means.

Gabriel Reynoso:

Easily Shrek 2: Donkey: I don't feel any different.
Puss: You still look like an ass to me.

Janet Marie Freeman:

You didn't mention the part where Lord Farquaad is staring at Fiona [in the mirror] and he peeks under the blankets [at himself] and smiles.

Mary Weste:

I believe it's the last Shrek movie at the very end; they are having a party and there are witches who fly off on their brooms, except one who happens to be sitting on Pinocchio's nose...Wink Wink.

And the worst/best Shrek joke of all...

Vincent Reyes:

In the last Shrek movie, he said to Fiona, "My donkey fell in your waffle hole." The word choice refers to Donkey really falling for a waffle hole trap. Double-meaning at its finest.


Which studio is the best at double entendre?


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